Call 508-336-6114 to set up your lesson time! Ask for Carol.   Weekends are the busiest times to schedule.  We are usually booked in the spring - fall a couple weeks out so please don't wait until the last minute if you aren't flexible with your schedule.

Mornings are the best time to call since after that we are in the barn all the time!

If this is your first lesson keep in mind you should wear long pants and a shoe with some type of short heel (no stilettos, ladies!). This keeps your foot from sliding through the stirrup.  Boots are best.

When planning your visit, allow for plenty of time to get your horse ready.  Depending on how much you make your horse sweat, you will have to budget time after your lesson to walk and cool down your horse.  Your horse has to be dry and cool before we can put him back into his stall or else lameness can occur.

Beginners will ride in the indoor arena until they are able to comfortably direct the horse at a walk and trot.  This is for your safety.   If you have previous riding experience this step should happen rather quickly.

Lessons & Shows

We offer lessons to all ages from beginner to advanced in either private, semi-private, or small groups. 

We have a full cross country course, a lighted outdoor arena, and an indoor arena for all season riding.   We also travel to local and rated shows.

Lesson Pricing
1 Hour Private Lesson $50
1 Hour Semi-Private Lesson (2-3 Riders) $45
1 Hour Group Lesson (4-6 Riders) $40

Hawkswood Farm